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SEO or search engine optimisation is the process of improving the volume of visitor traffic to a web site from search engines via their natural listings or paid for links.

Without any SEO, you simply don't exist. You will receive virtually ZERO visitor traffic and if you're running a business, then this doesn't make any sense at all.

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What We Do To Aid Your Success

Extensive Keyword Search

The best keywords are those words and phrases commonly typed in by your potential customers, but which aren’t used much on your competitors websites. This is achieved by using the help of Google Adword Webmaster Tools, Yahoo marketing data and Keyword Discovery software.

Writing Functional Content

This is normally written by the client under our consultation and compliments the linking strategy outlined below. Emphasis is put on content that functions to engage your market, not bore it or become too flowery. The simple fact is that if you write great content people will want to link to you.

Successful Linking Strategy

Building links is critical to your online marketing success - they drive traffic to your site and they improve your search engine rankings. If a search engine sees lots of quality sites linking to yours then it deems that your site must be important and you will move higher up the search engine results.

This is without doubt the most important and also time consuming part of the process.

SEO can be broken down into two main areas. LINK BUILDING, which tells the search engines how popular a site is by analysing all the websites that link to it and SITE OPTIMISATION, which deals with how 'friendly' a site's structure is to search engine spiders and how relevant site content is to search results.

We automatically include most types of SEO site enhancements and content optimisation techniques during the design and build process of every new website project that we undertake as well as offer our advise and consultation with regards to keyword research and writing keyword-rich and functional content.

Site Optimisation

All Standard Features and all Special Features are included in all our projects.

Standard Features
  • Semantic template build – by using table-less CSS to provide separation between the content and the HTML. This helps search engines to read the site content in the way that it is meant to be.
  • Dynamic HTML sitemap
  • All content and navigation as text, not reproduced using images
  • All images with Alt and Title tags
  • All links with Title tags
  • All page content written using correct header tag title hierarchy and paragraphs for content
  • Editable page meta titles, showing site name and content title by default
  • Editable global and individual page meta data
  • Standards compliant HTML template build
Special Features
  • Descriptive, search engine friendly URL's i.e.
  • Google Analytics account creation and tracking code added to track visitor traffic
  • Automatic XML sitemap feeds to Google and Yahoo
  • Keyword research using Google Webmaster Tools to work out what your visitors are typing into the search engines
  • Robots.txt optimisation to make search engines index the right content and prevent them indexing the wrong content or duplicate content
Advanced Features
  • Site can be built to double-A or triple-A accessibility standards
  • Search engine friendly 301 redirects on all your old page URLs
  • Social bookmarks for every content page
  • Comprehensive forum component
  • Blogging component with visitor commenting plugin
  • Article generator – this component generates new content by pulling text from any feed source you want to keep site content fresh

Link Building

Google uses other websites linking to your site as a voting system, so the more websites (and the higher their rankings) that you have linking to your website the higher you will rank in the search engines. Link building is a vital element of modern SEO...

...If you lack links, you lack importance.

There are many common mistakes made by SEO companies when obtaining links to your website and the ways in which they generate the links. However, Dotcom Development has tried and tested methods of creating ways that websites can link or "vote" for your site. We encourage the use of your keywords as the anchor text for the links and create a well rounded portfolio of links over time.

Google has very clever methods of establishing the use of unethical linking tactics, for example, if you have gained 1000 links to your website overnight or simply gone to every relevant website and paid for a text link advertisement. The key is to have a portfolio of links from a variety of websites, some themed some with good Page Rank, others slightly off theme and sites with a lower Page Rank. We ensure there are no adult or pharmaceutical websites linking to yours and keep in mind that the links generated should look natural. In this way, we help to build links from a variety of types of websites such as blogs, forums, static websites, ecommerce shops and directory sites.

We also look to use a variety of linking methods (dependent on the client and the available budget). This can range from text links to article links in order to give a well rounded and natural link portfolio. Dotcom Development will be providing the following off-page SEO.


Search Engine Optimization is a huge part of the marketing industry. Getting into this industry is a good career choice for many and that is why people like the Jenzabar Foundation help students pursue careers in this industry by offering them scholarships around the globe.

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