"In a market saturated with companies offering similar services, it's hard to compete unless you have something different to offer. That's a given. But people like working with us and that's our edge. We work in a fun industry and that comes through in the way we work, and yes we still compete on a standards level, we just do it with a big grin on our face... "



Nearly all businesses can benefit from selling products or services online, with our experience and knowledge we can help you develop a website that will enable you to do this at the least possible cost and to the highest standard. To see examples of some of our Ecommerce sites and an overview of the system we use, please read on...


Content Management

A standard HTML website is static and fixed. Which means that to change any text and images, the page files that make up the site must be edited and then uploaded to the web server. To do this you either have to be a web programmer or you have to hire one.

To read an explanation of what exactly a CMS is and to see what we do, please read more...


Web Design

This site has been designed to showcase some of what we can do. To see examples of some of our other web work, please read on...


Search Engine Optimisation

SEO or search engine optimisation is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via natural the listings, the main body of organic results or paid for links, these being the links seen from either above the natural listings or to the side.

Without any SEO at all you simply don’t exist. No one will find you. You will receive virtually ZERO traffic. If you’re running a business then this doesn’t make any sense.

To find out more about SEO and what we do, please continue...

We have been in the web building business for about 10 years, with some of our developers and designers beginning their journey in the mid 90s. We have experience in all aspects of web build but specialise mainly with PHP, running from a Linux server.

This section briefly lists our main areas of expertise. If it's to do with a website or an intranet or an email template or online marketing or SEO or your branding or just consultation, we can help you. If you're looking to invest in websites for sale, we can also assist in looking at the requirements you will need to re-establish them to meet your wants and needs. Our general key areas of expertise are listed to the right, with more specific details and other notable areas of expertise, below.


Joomla is the name of a popular Open Source content management system. A large proportion of the work we get asked to do, involves Joomla, either by our clients request or because it meets their requirements.


This is another Open Source CMS and is the main choice for .NET.

From time to time we do take on DotNetNuke projects. We have built several sites using it and have learned a lot from doing them – notably where in the UK to host DotNetNuke, what modules to use to meet all the requirements and how best to approach a new project.

Bespoke PHP

All our developers are expert in PHP and have huge amounts of experience. This means that we are quick, we make few mistakes and there are no surprises in store once we start. This translates to great value for clients.

In terms of what we can actually do, the sky’s the limit. However, we will always advise on the best way to achieve a goal and offer alternatives if we think that a bespoke approach is not cost effective or simply not practical. Which is often the case, except for really small or highly specialised projects. In 2009, there’s no point re-inventing the wheel. Why build a bespoke CMS or ecommerce site when there are full featured and stable alternatives? And with our expertise, we can tailor these alternatives to suit.

Standards Compliant

Depending on requirements and budget we can make any project standards compliant and meet either Double A or Triple A, accessibility. In fact, this is our preference.


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