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Improve your SEO with this one easy tip

One of the blogging philosophies I tried to keep to is to use this site is to use it as a test case for Joomla. I figure, at the very least I can provide information with real world examples of different ways you can screw up running a blog, and things you should avoid!

My day to day is spent over at Joomlashack, and sometimes this site doesn't get the care and attention it needs, so last week I gave it some love and attention. What I found was how much is to what extent your host can effect your "SEO"

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14 Modern SEO Best Practices for 2009

SEOMoz just posted a great list of 14 best practices for modern SEO that they are using with their consulting clients. Some real interesting tips, like the lack of importance of H1 tags and  meta keywords.

Keep reading for review of the 14, with some notes about possible Joomla implications.

You can read more about these at SEOMoz: SEO Best Practices

Title Tag Format

Primary Keyword - Secondary Keywords | Brand
Brand Name | Primary Keyword [...]

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Review of SecureLive Joomla Security Extension

Be sure to read a full description of SecureJoomla on in our Joomla Extensions and Components store.

Once in a while a product for Joomla comes along and really makes me sit up and pay attention. One such recent product was a new Joomla security component called SecureLive. A simple module that you can install on your site and immediately secure Joomla more effectively.

Now, I'll admit to not knowing much about the hard core details of server and Joo[...]

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Easy tool to create a privacy policy

A while back I talked about Do You Have a Refund Policy, and how important they are. Another similar need is a privacy policy.

We are updating our privacy policy at Joomlashack and we came across a handy tool to generate a privacy policy by answering some basic questions about your business and website.

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46 Joomla Questions Answered

Last week I gave a highly successful free webinar on Joomla as part of promoting the second edition of my book on Safari Books Online.

Ably assisted By Steve Burge of, we gave an hour long intro to Joomla, and were also able to answer many questions.

46 of them to be exact, here are the answers!

Q&A Session for Joomla! 1.5: A User's Guide with Barrie North Date: August 19, 2009

Q: What do you recommend for e-commerce, selling things or s[...]

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