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Wordpress Tops Joomla in Domain Importance

One site I visit a lot is, a great resource for SEO and marketing. I noticed today that that have a great top 500 list of "most important domains".

I was interested to see that Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal all make it into the top 500, with Wordpress taking the lead, and Drupal bringing up the rear.

The corresponding top 500 pages list saw and in the top 15!

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Joomla and Joomlashack in Packt Awards

Packt CMS Awards

We are excited that the Packt Publishing Best Joomla! Theme award includes our own Joomla template Inspirion.

This Award features five finalist Joomla! themes and extensions that have been selected by the Joomla! project representatives.

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A Powerful New SEO Joomla Template from Joomlashack

JS eBusiness Joomla template

We are really excited to release our latest template from Joomlashack - eBusiness.

We have been blogging about some of the underlying features of this new template at Joomlashack, its powerful and flexible 960 grid framework and its super fast loading times.

If you need a rock solid SEO platform for your Joomla website, ou need the latest Joomla template from Joomlashack - JS eBusiness

JS eBusiness is a web 2.0 template with lots of white space, bold fonts and raw SEO power, JS eBusiness makes a perfect template for business and organizations launching themselves into the web 2.0 world.

Check out the eBusiness Features
  • Joomla! 1.5 Native
  • Valid XHTML & CSS
  • 4 Bundled Color Themes
  • SEO-ready Template
  • Multiple Layouts - Middle column flexible
  • 960 Grid Powered
  • W3C Valid Overrides
  • EZ SEO optimized header
  • Graphic Source Files
  • Super Fast Loading
  • SEO Source Ordered
  • Over 30 Module Positions in 4 Variations
  • Pure CSS Suckerfish Dropdown Menu System

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Review of Infusionsoft and iContact Deliverability

At Joomlashack, we know that as on online business, email deliverability is very important. Whether sending newsletters or transactional emails from systems, they won't do much good if they don't reach people's inbox.

We use iContact for our newsletters, and have had great success with it. Recently though, we have been looking at supplementing it with another system for our transactional emails/ecommerce etc.

Once interesting alternative is Infusionsoft, which has a rich API, and ecommerce functionality built right in.

But what about deliverability?

Mr Tester.... start your engines!

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United Airlines Meets Web 2.0

I have previously blogged about online reputational management, but a more recent event came my way today, and I thought it was interesting to see the effects over a longer term, and the dismal response from the company involved.

Last year United Airlines hit the press about breaking somebody's guitar.

Not such huge news probably, United has lots of passengers, and probably damages lots of bags, but this guitar belonged to a singer who made a song and video about his trials.

The result was a MASSIVE fallout for United, with the video on YouTube getting millions of hits, and the story even making CNN.

What truly amazes me is when I search for "United Breaks Guitars" on Google, there are hundreds of results about this story, but nothing I can see from United.

Heck, there is even a Facebook and Wiki page about it now!

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