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AJ Article listing

AJ Article listingAJ Article listing is an extended version of Section to categories drop-down menu originally by Vladimir Ivanov & Kulendra. The module lists all articles in a chosen section/category by using two drop-down menus. We added module parameters for Section Drop-down label, Category Drop-down label, Button label and JS Message, if no choice was done. Added option to hide sections and sort sections by id, title or order - ascending or descending. Added module class-suffix, for individual module styling. Credits to Luis Murcia who fixed some original JavaScript errors. Installs like any other Joomla module. 1. In the first drop-down there is a list of all Joomla content sections. Option to hide and sort sections in the module parameters. 2. When you choose the section, the second drop-down loads the categories of the chosen section. 3. To allow some formatting to the result page, there is a module parameter called "Linked menu". You have to create a "category blog" menu item and set-up it parameters, or use an existing. This menu item "id" you have to put in mod_aj_article_listing "Linked Menu" parameter field. This controls the way articles are listed, 1 or 2 columns etc.

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AJ! Wibiya Toolbar plugin

AJ! Wibiya Toolbar pluginThis Plugin puts the script for wibiya toolbar into your site

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EnrichedJoomla's Viral Tweets

EnrichedJoomla's Viral TweetsDriving INSANE Amounts of FREE Twitter Traffic to your Joomla Website has Never Been Easier! In a matter of minutes you can have EnrichedJoomla’s Joomla Viral Tweets component installed on your Joomla website and generating traffic and sales like you never believed was possible! While this seems like a squeeze page, it’s much, much more effective... With a squeeze page you must drive traffic by external means… for example with an email campaign. If you do things right, a small percentage of the people you email to will come to your site and exchange their name and email address for the freebie you are offering. One visitor = One person taking your free offer, which should have an “up sell” or “back end” sale. With EnrichedJoomla’s Joomla Viral Tweets the whole dynamic is changed. Instead of providing their name and email address, interested parties must simply send a tweet about your freebie to their followers, in order to get the freebie. Any of their followers that are interested will come and do the same, and so on… and so on… I think you get the picture. You wind up with an AVALANCHE of traffic!!! The component is very simple to use... You simple provide the message that you want the visitor to tweet to their followers, and the URL you want to forward to on a successful tweet. You can link to the form from a menu, or use the plugin to insert the form anywhere in your content. A demo and videos coming soon. Sincerely, Jeff Sohler Enriched Joomla

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DT Acajoom Subscriber

DT Acajoom SubscriberDT Acajoom Subscriber is a plugin that works together with the Acajoom newsletter component and the DT Register event registration component. With this plugin installed and enabled, anytime a user registers for an event, they are automatically subscribed to the Acajoom subscriber list. If the user is logged in, their subscriber record is also associated with their joomla user account. The admin is able to configure which list(s) your registrants will be auto-subcribed to. This plugin works with Joomla 1.5 only and must be used with DT Register 2.5.5 or later.

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We've just released our MP3 Browser Plugin

Our new plugin allows you to easily create a stylish table of all mp3's in a directory,

Simply use the tags {music}path/to/directory{/music} in any content Item and the plugin will dislplay all of the mp3's in that directory in the table complete with ID3 tag information and a link to download or play the file direct in the browser.

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