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AC Link Cloaker

AC Link Cloaker helps you manage and hide your outgoing URL links - such as affiliate links - and turn them into ordinary looking site links. Transform something like this ... ht*p:// ... into something like this ... ht*p:// These new cloaked links can be displayed in a variety of ways, depending on your SEF preferences, and can be added to article content, menu's, or anywhere else on your Joomla! site using the included module. AC Link Cloaker is sh404sef compatible and includes an automatically installed plugin to enable this. A custom folder structure for your links can also be created, which is especially useful if you do not use SEF links on your site. You can also transform your cloaked link into either a standard text link, an image link, or a form button, and use your own custom CSS styles to change how they appear when displayed. Pre and post text/HTML can also be applied to add extra information before or after the link itself. It's all very customizable. Links are displayed dynamically, and can be managed easily in the back end administration, so site wide changes to each link you have placed on your site are only a click or two away. When your user clicks the new link, they will be automatically redirected to the original URL, in either a new window, the same page, or a frame of your choice.

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