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jStockjStock is the FIRST and ONLY Joomla extension designed for the affiliate program. The module allows users to quickly and easily populate their website with products from Overstock. The module uses Overstock's XML calls to populate your website with its products. You have full control over what products are seen. jStock allows you to show products by Store, Department, Category, or Sub-Category. Additionally, this module allows you drill further down and only show certain brand names. For example, if you run a shoe website, jStock allows you to get as exact as only displaying Men's Athletic Shoes. The keyword feature allows you to get more precise by showing only Nike or Reebok. jStock makes it easy for your website to list products and to start generating some serious commissions. It is fully compatible with Overstock's commission manager Commission Junction. Two versions are available -- a FREE version and an upgraded version that is available for an additional cost.

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