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Joomla Admin Template

This template component allows your site's administration area to have a different look then the standard Joomla template.

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Jomtube Video Gallery

Jomtube Video GalleryJomTube Video Gallery is the most Powerful Video Extension made for Joomla 1.5x CMS (Joomla Video Component) all will allow you to transform your Website into a professional looking Video Gallery with functionality that is similar to JomTube Video Gallery is now released as GPL extension has been created specifically for the Joomla 1.5x (MVC) Framework and can not be used without Joomla and is not a stand alone application. Jomtube gives you the option to Embed Videos from Remote Servers like Youtube, Dailymotion, Google Video, Vimeo,, Clipser, Revver, and many more to come which will allow you to run your site for low cost since all the bandwidth usage and hard drive space is located on the video server sites. You can also allow your members to Upload Videos and they will be processed server side and converted to .FLV or .MP4 depending on your preference. There are powerful Tools in the BACKEND that will allow you to BATCH UPLOAD hundreds of videos at once. So if you already have a large library of Videos locally or on some Remote Sites like you can build the Video Part of your Site Very Quickly.
Frontend Main Features
* Users can upload videos from their own computers using Flash Uploader * Third-Party Remote Video Plugin Support From Frontend * JomTube Video Gallery uses FFMPEG, FFMPEG-PHP, MENCODER to convert Uploaded videos to flash videos * Videos are organized and displayed into YouTube Style video gallery * Frontend appearance can be changed using Template Plugins * List Videos By Newest, Most Viewed, Hight Rated, Featured * Detailed Category Listing System * Users Can Rate Videos * Users Can Comment About Video JomComment Integration Option * Multi-language support * Module Support For Newest, Featured, Highest Rated, Most Viewed Videos * Options For Custom Module Position In The Component With Power to Adjust the Width and Size Making Your Layout Unique Backend Main Features ============================================================ * Jomtube Theme Manager To Install/Uninstall * Add, Delete And Edit Categories/SubCategories * LOCAL Batch Uploading of your Videos in .FLV Format * Third-Party Remote Video Plugin Support * Auto Creation Of Thumbnails With FFMPEG For Local Videos * JW Player Intergration And Skin Support * Manage Video lists and Edit facilities * Manage Category lists and Edit facilities * H.264 Codec Conversion Support .MP4 * User can Disable FFMPEG and FFMPEG-PHP * Jomtube can run on a Server without FFMPEG and FFMPEG-PHP and you can manually add the thumbnails. * Import Remote Videos from hwdMediaShare * Import Remote Videos from Seyret * Flash Uploader to Making Uploading Videos for Local Conversion * supports the mpg, mpeg, avi, divx, mp4, flv, wmv


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AC Link Cloaker

AC Link Cloaker helps you manage and hide your outgoing URL links - such as affiliate links - and turn them into ordinary looking site links. Transform something like this ... ht*p:// ... into something like this ... ht*p:// These new cloaked links can be displayed in a variety of ways, depending on your SEF preferences, and can be added to article content, menu's, or anywhere else on your Joomla! site using the included module. AC Link Cloaker is sh404sef compatible and includes an automatically installed plugin to enable this. A custom folder structure for your links can also be created, which is especially useful if you do not use SEF links on your site. You can also transform your cloaked link into either a standard text link, an image link, or a form button, and use your own custom CSS styles to change how they appear when displayed. Pre and post text/HTML can also be applied to add extra information before or after the link itself. It's all very customizable. Links are displayed dynamically, and can be managed easily in the back end administration, so site wide changes to each link you have placed on your site are only a click or two away. When your user clicks the new link, they will be automatically redirected to the original URL, in either a new window, the same page, or a frame of your choice.

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JE Story submit

JE Story submitUser can add your story in joomla article. Front end : - User add your story. Admin get mail after user add the story. Admin approve than show up in front-end. Back end : Admin can configure the section ,category and email address.

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Add to Menu

Add to MenuAdd to Menu is an Administrator module. You will get an extra link in the top right of your Administrator to quickly add a menu item link of the page you are viewing. !!! 29 Oct: currently there is a little javascript bug in Add to Menu causing problems in IE and Safari. Will publish new version later today. How to use it: Changelog: Keep up to date: Support forum: Please do not use the reviews to post support issues. Use the forum for that.

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